Sir Allan MacNab SS


145 Magnolia Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 5P4, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12
About Sir Allan MacNab SS

Sir Allan MacNab is a composite secondary school located on the west mountain of Hamilton. Our catchment area extends into Glanbrook and Ancaster. MacNab was built in 1969 and enjoys a rich heritage of excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. MacNab is proud to offer courses and programs to support all destination pathways. We have a full range of courses that lead to apprenticeship, college, university, and/or the workplace. Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School is an inclusive community of individuals who value honesty, compassion, mutual respect, and personal excellence.

Sir Allan MacNab SS is located in Fessenden

Fessenden is a neighbourhood in west Hamilton featuring a mix of homes, schools and parks. While the area is mostly residential, there are some businesses in the area, particularly along Mohawk Road.

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