Your Finances and Getting Qualified

Knowing how much you can afford is the first step for any buyer. Getting qualified is quick and easy, and gives you a general idea of your affordability. Your credit score, income, assets, and more are all considered by lenders and make a difference in the rates and amount you qualify for.

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Special offers to save you money on your mortgage
We are actively looking to bring you special offers from Canada's top lenders. Watch this space!
Finding a Neighbourhood You Love

Home is more than a house. Neighbourhoods are our specialty, and we have several tools to help you find one that fits your needs, from a location that works for everyone in the family, to good schools (they matter even if you don't have kids), to recreation options.

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Find a House that Feels Like a Home

Looking at listings can be the most fun part of a home search, but it takes a lot of thought and a team of professionals to actually choose and buy a home. Decide what really matters to you (and what you can live with) and learn about the different professionals you'll work with.

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