St Mary Catholic SS


200 Whitney Ave, Hamilton, ON L8S 2G7, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12
About St Mary Catholic SS

Our Catholic Christian Communities aim to develop in all their members, a healthy self-love, love of neighbour, and love of God. To achieve this Christian dynamic, the individuality of each person must be respected by allowing for the development of the whole person to his/her fullest potential, spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and aesthetically. Our school is a witness to faith where people find in a Catholic school, an atmosphere of sincere respect and cordiality; it should be a place where authentic human relationships can be formed among all its members. Our Catholic Secondary Schools strive toward this goal.

St Mary Catholic SS is located in Ainslie Wood

Ainslie Wood is a neighbourhood in Hamilton located near McMaster University. The increase of McMaster's student population in recent decades has resulted in many Ainslie Wood homes becoming popular for rentals among students. While the majority of Ainslie Wood is residential, it also has a thriving commercial zone along Main Street West.

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