Glendale SS


145 Rainbow Dr, Hamilton, ON L8K 4G1, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12
About Glendale SS

Glendale Secondary School is located in the east end of Hamilton, Ontario, near Stoney Creek. It shares a large treed block with Glen Echo Elementary and Glen Brae Middle schools. A large city park and recreational sports fields are adjacent to the three schools. Glendale has an enrollment of just under one thousand students with approximately 18 percent registered as English Language Learners. There are more than 30 languages spoken in the school and more than 50 percent of students speak a language other than English in their homes. Glendale is a composite secondary school offering a full range of programs to meet the needs of its diverse student community.

Glendale SS is located in Corman

Corman is a mostly residential neighbourhood located in east Hamilton. The majority of homes in Corman are detached, with some row homes and apartments. Corman offers easy access to the highway, and many businesses along the main streets bordering this neighbourhood.

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