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Campbellford is an unincorporated place and former town in Northumberland County, in the township municipality of Trent Hills. Campbellford is surrounded by prime agricultural land which is home to many farms. In recent years, some of the town's agricultural sector has diversified into non-traditional areas such as bison farming and rare breeds farming, and there are many horse farms in the area. Campbellford traces its history back to 1834, when the first homesteaders arrived in the area. Once very wealthy, it is still known today for its many fine Victorian homes.


Hastings is a community within the municipality of Trent Hills, Northumberland County. It is known as "The Hub of the Trent" as Hastings is directly on the Trent River and serves as a major centre for tourists, boaters, and fishermen. One of Hastings' notable symbols is a tall, blue water tower which is perched prominently on high ground in the northern portion of the community. Hastings is now part of the municipality of Trent Hills and makes up the second most substantial population centre in the municipality.


Trent Hills is a township municipality in Northumberland County. It is on the Trent River and was created in 2001 through the amalgamation of the municipalities of Campbellford/Seymour, Percy Township and Hastings.

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