Westdale SS


700 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1A5, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12
About Westdale SS

Westdale, founded in 1931, provides a culture of courtesy, care and co-operation where students are given the opportunity to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners as they prepare to pursue career pathways in a challenging and changing multi-cultural, multi-lingual world. The school culture mixes a rigorous, fascinating and exhilarating academic environment fostered by a highly motivated and enthusiastic staff with a strong sense of togetherness, community, and a wonderful spirit of mutual support and benefit. Westdale students are known to be highly successful in continuing their secondary school excellence into their chosen post-secondary pursuits in academics, research, business, career paths, and life in general. An extensive Immersion programme in French and second language programmes in French, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Korean reinforce both the international interconnectedness and scholarly outlook of our school. Westdale is HWDSB’s first International World School offering an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Westdale SS is located in Westdale

Westdale is a residential neighbourhood in Hamilton. It is centred in the Westdale Village shopping district and located near McMaster University. Westdale was founded in the 1920s (in conjunction with McMaster's 1930 founding in Hamilton) as one of Canada's first planned communities. Although urban development has reduced the isolation once integral for Westdale's modelled environment, Westdale Village persists as an established shopping destination for West Hamilton residents. In addition to many small businesses, Westdale is home to many stores, parks and community services.

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