Canadian Martyrs Catholic ES


1355 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4M7, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle
About Canadian Martyrs Catholic ES

Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School is located in West Hamilton. It is a powerful sign of the Catholic faith on Main Street across from McMaster University and Hospital. The school was built in 1931 with additions in 1965, 1972, and most recently in 2003. The school community is fortunate to have Canadian Martyrs Church adjacent to the school. It enjoys a positive relationship with the Pastor of Canadian Martyrs Church. The school offers a full academic program to over 200 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. With a dedicated staff and many volunteers and mentors from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, McMaster University, and Mohawk College, the students enjoy a stimulating program to help them grow spiritually, socially, physically and academically.

Canadian Martyrs Catholic ES is located in Ainslie Wood

Ainslie Wood is a neighbourhood in Hamilton located near McMaster University. The increase of McMaster's student population in recent decades has resulted in many Ainslie Wood homes becoming popular for rentals among students. While the majority of Ainslie Wood is residential, it also has a thriving commercial zone along Main Street West.

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