WH Ballard PS


801 Dunsmure Rd, Hamilton, ON L8H 1H9, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle
About WH Ballard PS

W.H. Ballard School, in 1923, was the largest public school in Canada and a modern adaptation of the sixteenth century English Renaissance architecture. The school is so well established that there are many children of past Ballard graduates currently attending Ballard. W.H. Ballard is a community school and proudly noted for its motto, “Where Excellence Is A Tradition.”

WH Ballard PS is located in Homeside

Homeside is a quiet residential neighbourhood located in east Hamilton. Most of the homes in the Homeside neighbourhood are detached, and there are a few parks scattered throughout the area. A variety of stores and restaurants are found on Main Street E.

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