Greensville PS

625 Harvest Rd, Greensville, ON L9H 6A7

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle
About Greensville PS

Greensville is a K-8 school located at 625 Harvest R., just south of Hwy. 5 in Greensville. It opened on Jan 4, 2021, and was built on the former Greensville School site. Our feeder school is Millgrove and our students attend both Waterdown DHS and Dundas Valley Secondary. We work closely with our elementary and secondary partners to ensure smooth transitions for our students. The school community includes both urban and rural families with 98% of the students relying on transportation provided by the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. We are proud to host a Special Education class.

Greensville PS is located in Greensville

Greensville is a community in Dundas, Hamilton. Hamilton Conservation Authority attractions Webster's Falls and Tew's Falls are in Greensville.

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