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Stand out from the crowd with your branding

Set yourself apart by showing your own branding on each report you create. Just add your photo, logo, and contact information when you sign up for your Free Trial. It only takes seconds to add and will appear on every report, automatically.

Get top marks for excellent school data

We realize that the knowledge you can share about nearby schools is important to the sale of a house. We give you that information so you don’t have to dig for it. Our HoodQ Detailed Reports™ include Public, Catholic and Private schools in the area by name, type, location, as well as school attendance zones and quality rankings from GreatSchools, and more.

Impress your clients with high quality reports

HoodQ empowers you to produce impressive reports with a few keystrokes. Our systems access the highest quality data available. Up-to-the-minute data is accessed from over 2,500 unique government and private sources, then is painstakingly validated, expanded and packaged into easy-to-read, professionally designed reports that you can print out or share. Instantly.

Show visual proof of a great neighborhood

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Our HoodQ Detailed Reports™ are specifically designed to include a full-page colored map that displays all of the neighborhood features in proximity to the particular address. There’s no extra work for you to do -- it comes with all of the HoodQ Detailed Reports™.

HoodQ Highlights™

HoodQ Detailed Report™

HoodQ Highlights™

  • HoodQ Highlights™ are reports designed to help you give homebuyers an attractive and easy to digest topline view of a particular home.
  • Our algorithms select only the best features surrounding each address to help you show the home in the best possible light.
  • With our web format, you can click on any icon to display the underlying data. Clicking on a school, for example, will give you the location, phone number, links and more.
  • You can easily print your HoodQ Highlights™ Reports -- they are great for impressing clients at Open Houses and Buyer Tours. Or, you can share the link in an email or social media post to generate more interest in the property.

HoodQ Detailed Reports™

  • While HoodQ Highlights™ provide a great snapshot, HoodQ Detailed Reports™ give you the full scoop. No other company provides this level of comprehensive and in-depth information on neighborhood features.
  • HoodQ Detailed Reports™ are perfect for listing presentations and one-to-ones. They help you close the sale with your serious buyers, and give you all the answers at your fingertips for clients who ask a lot of questions.
  • HoodQ seamlessly integrates qualitative and quantitative information. Our data is pulled together from thousands of sources and then is hand-curated by our research team for quality, comprehensiveness and readability.
  • HoodQ Detailed Reports™ are created with just one click -- taking you seconds, instead of hours -- to provide your clients with this level of detail.

The System

  • HoodQ Highlights™ and HoodQ Detailed Reports™ are two views of the same data. You’re covered whether you need a quick and attractive snapshot, or a full package of detailed information.
  • Make it easy for your website visitors to see the neighborhood features around your listings. Simply add our user-friendly widgets to your site.Click for Neighborhood Information
  • Both reports draw from HoodQ’s proprietary database of Gold Standard Data. We go beyond the basic location data offered by other companies to give you the details homebuyers really care about.
  • Both reports are address-specific, and feature the locations closest to each home -- schools, parks and recreation facilities, safety facilities, transit stops, and more.
  • Using HoodQ is as simple as typing an address on a webpage, an email, or a text. No training or technical knowledge required.