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Beverley Glen is a neighbourhood located east of central Vaughan. Mostly residential, Beverley Glen is home to many parks. There are some stores and restaurants located on Centre Street.

Beverley Glen

Brownridge is a neighbourhood in the east end of Vaughan. Mostly residential with many parks, there is a large shopping mall in the Brownridge area, located on Promenade Circle.


Crestwood - Springfarm - Yorkhill is a neighbourhood located in the east end of Vaughan. Mostly residential, there are stores, restaurants and businesses located on Yonge Street, Clark Avenue W and Steeles Avenue W.

Crestwood - Springfarm - Yorkhill

Woodbridge is a large suburban community in Vaughan. It was once an independent town before being amalgamated with nearby communities to form the city in 1971. East Woodbridge is mostly residential, with many parks and a large golf course in the area. A variety of restaurants, stores and businesses are located off Weston Road.

East Woodbridge

Elder Mills is located west of central Vaughan. Mostly residential, Elder Mills features ample forested and natural areas.

Elder Mills

Glen Shields is a neighbourhood in south Vaughan. The Glen Shields neighbourhood is residential, with a few parks and a spacious natural area.

Glen Shields

Islington Woods is an area in the west area of Vaughan, bounded by the Humber River in every direction except north. The neighbourhood is mostly residential, with many parks, recreational facilities and the Boyd Conservation Area in the community.

Islington Woods

Kleinburg is an unincorporated village in the city of Vaughan. The village is located between two branches of the Humber River, and features dense forests. Its northern and western peripheries are primarily agricultural. The historic commercial district of Kleinburg has many heritage buildings, as well as modern developments with mixed residential and commercial uses. Kleinburg has historically been a small, quiet town, but now attracts many affluent visitors and residents. Housing developments began in the 1950s in the west and continued in the 1970s southeast of Kleinburg. Other developments occurred in 1993 in the south, 1998 in the northeast, and the 2000s to the north. During its major expansion in the 1990s and early 2000s, many new large homes were built.


Maple is a high-growth suburban community, part of the city of Vaughan. As an unincorporated area, Maple grew around the former village of Maple, centred at the intersection of Major Mackenzie Dr and Keele Street. Mostly residential, there are many parks in Maple, as well as the Canada's Wonderland theme park which first opened in 1981.


Patterson is a neighbourhood in west Vaughan. Mostly residential, this area contains ample forested and natural space and many parks.