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Aurora Estates is located in southwest Aurora and is a high-income area featuring estate properties and a large golf course. The western corner of the area features newer residential developments. Bayview Ave forms the eastern border, and Bloomington Rd is the southern border.

Aurora Estates

Aurora Grove features Sheppard's Bush, a 26-hectare (65-acre) conservation area with mature forest, trails, historic buildings, and many sports fields. Aurora Grove also has an industrial and commercial area along the western border and in the southwest corner. Residential areas are located in the centre and along Bayview Ave, which forms the eastern border. The southeast corner features a cul de sac of estate homes with mature trees.

Aurora Grove

Aurora Heights is in the west-central part of Aurora, and is an area of more dense housing, with detached homes as well as semi-detached and townhomes, and with mature trees and green spaces. The area also features a number of schools, the community centre, and a variety of businesses and shopping along Yonge Street, which forms the eastern border, and along part of Wellington Street.

Aurora Heights

Aurora Highlands is in the west part of Aurora, with Bathurst St. as its western border, Wellington St. as far as Murray Drive as the northern border, and Yonge St. as the furthest eastern border. The southern border is formed by the GO rail line. As with most of Aurora's neighbourhoods, this area features woodlots, green spaces, and park lands amid residential neighbourhoods that comprise mainly detached homes, and some semi-detached and townhomes.

Aurora Highlands

Aurora Village is a long, narrow strip along Yonge Street from just north of St. John's Sideroad in the north to the start of Industrial Parkway in the south. This area features Aurora's distinctive downtown—a busy street of shops, boutiques, salons, restaurants, and offices—that still manages to maintain a small-town feel. It includes the historic centre of Aurora, with a Farmers' Market, historic buildings, and parks, as well as residential areas to the east of Yonge Street. Along the eastern boundary, Industrial Parkway, is a series of commercial and industrial enterprises.

Aurora Village

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Bayview Northeast

Bayview Southeast is an area of large, open spaces and woodlots, with some golf courses, and pockets of industrial and commercial businesses. There are some residences, including a development in the southwest corner of the area. The area is bordered by Highway 404 to the east, Bayview Ave to the west, Bloomington Rd to the south, and Wellington St. to the north.

Bayview Southeast

Bayview Wellington is the area to the east of downtown Aurora, separated by Industrial Parkway and the East Branch of the Holland River and its floodplains. It is also home to Aurora's Town Hall. Commercial stretches are located along Industrial Parkway and along Bayview Ave, while residential streets are located in the centre of the area. The river runs between Industrial Parkway and the residential area, and features natural areas and a trail system. Aurora's arboretum is in this area, which is part of Oak Ridges Moraine.

Bayview Wellington

Hills of St. Andrew is named for St. Andrew's College, a well-known private boarding school which sits on 126 acres of this area. The area is in the northwest part of Aurora, between Bathurst St. to the west and Yonge St. to the east. Orchard Heights Blvd is the southern boundary, and north of St. Johns Sideroad is the northern boundary. The area surrounding the college is mainly residential, with some commercial pockets. As in much of Aurora, there are numerous woodlots and green spaces.

Hills of St. Andrew

Rural Aurora refers to an area in northwest Aurora with Hwy 404 as the eastern border, north of St. John's Sideroad as the northern border, Wellington St. as the furthest southern border, and a waterway and Bayview Ave as the western borders. It is an area of new and future residential and commercial development, with some commercial businesses already in place.

Rural Aurora