Benefits Of Suburban Living For Families

It can be a tough choice to move your family to the suburbs, especially if you enjoy city living and are used to condo amenities. We've put together a list of some of the top benefits to consider.

#1 Residential Neighbourhoods
As a parent, one of the biggest advantages you have of investing in a house is that you can move into a residential neighbourhood where your child can flourish. Suburban areas are often cleaner, quieter, and safer than the centre of the city where most apartments are located. They also have lower crime rates and less traffic congestion.

Certainly, apartments are closer to a variety of businesses. However, many residential neighbourhoods are growing more self-sufficient, and usually have shops, eateries, and community centres nearby.

#2 Better Schools
Parents love moving to the suburbs for access to better schools. However, this can be complicated in cities with school catchment systems, where students can only attend schools allocated to their neighbourhood. That’s why many parents research schools and neighbourhoods first when looking to buy a house.

With thousands of neighbourhoods to choose from, finding the right neighbourhood with the right school can be challenging. Fortunately, you can use the HoodQ Homebuyer Hub to find a neighbourhood you love near a great school for your family. Check out our HoodQMatch™ quiz for customized recommendations based on the needs of your whole family, or our HoodQ School Locator™ tool experience for a filtered map view.

#3 Privacy
While apartments offer less privacy, houses offer more freedom. In a house, your children can be themselves without fear of triggering noise complaints from neighbours living below, above, or on either side of your home.

#4 Space
Not only are houses more private but they’re bigger. In a larger home, your family has more space to pursue their hobbies, keep belongings, or get privacy from other family members when needed. Houses can also have backyards and lawns where children can enjoy outdoor activities. Likewise, you can have barbeques in your backyard, or socialize with friends on the patio.

Many apartments also restrict pet ownership. However, there are no such limitations in your own house. Your family has the freedom to adopt a dog, cat, or any other animal.

If your house has a finished basement, then you can convert it into a gym, studio, or entertainment room. If the basement has a separate entrance, then you can rent it out to diversify your income stream, generate more revenue, and offset your cost of ownership.

#5 Bonding with The Community
In the inner city, apartments can have high turnover rates. On the other hand, suburban communities are more stable. You can bond with other parents in the neighbourhood while your children can form lifetime friendships with other kids.

Moving into a house in a residential neighbourhood from an apartment in the inner city is a challenging, yet rewarding process, especially if you’re a parent planning your family’s future. It can take time, effort, and resources, but with some professional help, you can achieve your goals.